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Posted by Christina on May 15, 2013 at 9:05 AM Comments comments (0) - Michelle

I bought 8 items and was really only pleased with 1. Leads me to believe that she does printing on both an expensive printer and a cheaper printer.

6 out of 7 of these unhappy items I can chalk up to "computer monitor variations" - although not really - in the picture, the print is sharp, in the earrings and pendants I got, the image is obviously printed with a cheap laser printer and things are dull. Nothing ridiculous....but I'm not really pleased. Pictures to come. I still gave positive reviews with constructive criticism and Michelle left crappy comments to me. Utterly distasteful. No offer to see the items, fix problem, etc. I didn't even mention that it took her 2 weeks to put my items in the mail. Outrageous.

HOWEVER, seller absolutely sent me substandard work for one pair of earrings (listing here It was a winter wonderland scene. Snow is visible on the online picture. There is also a lamp with a black swirl. Buildings are visible. In the earrings I got, the snow is not visible, the buildings in the background are all smudged, there is no swirl visible on the lamp. I'll add a picture later.

This was the feedback I gave on the earrings: (neutral) "Printed image is a little blurry, hard to make out the snow on the branches, see no falling snow, can't tell there is a swirl on the post in the middle (unlike the website picture)."

This is what the seller gave me: "It is obvious the picture is blown up on a computer screen. How on earth can you expect to see small particles of snow on a 12mm earring. And what swirl you are talking about, I really have no idea!" well bitch, I expect to see snow in the earrings I got because they sure showed up fantastically in the pictures you posted.


What a jerk. I was being nice by not leaving negative feedback because I technically could wear the earrings & ppl would have to get really close to my head to notice blurry features. But the things are really just ugly - I've hidden them in a box somewhere to be repurposed.


When I was placing my order, I read her policies. From her etsy shop:

Any abusive or threatening emails will be reported to etsy and blacklisted from purchasing again with me in the future.


I operate a zero tolerance policy towards bullying and threatening emails. I have the right to be treated with respect and I do my work in an environment free from threatening and abusive behaviour and everything will be done to protect that.

Made me wonder, "what the heck has happened in the past to make her say that?!?" and now I know. If you don't unwaiveringly praise her work, she doesn't understand and is unwilling to use logic (see above sentence with the larger font size), even when she is at fault.

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Doctor Who - Series 7 - Episode 5 - The Angels Take Manhattan

Posted by Christina on November 8, 2012 at 10:20 PM Comments comments (0)

This post explores several theories I have bouncing around in my head. I haven't decided which ones I choose to believe entirely yet, that's why a few thoughts will contradict each other.

This entry is modeled off of:

The other blog: Kiss of an Angel book: Why didn't the doctor immediately think !weeping angels! when reading the line: "living statues that moved in the dark"? Their answer: NBD, maybe [the doctor] reads novels about Daleks, too. - hilarious!

The backstory we don't see:

  • S. Garner, How does River know his story? This assumes Garner was a real man. My thoughts: yes, he is real. Crime boss guy tries to hire River, she refuses, he hires Garner. Garner disappears and unwilling River is abducted along with unwilling guest Rory. This is one way I have to explain River's abduction.....otherwise he could have just hired her like Garner right? However, maybe that's just how crime boss guy hires people. Garner may have been 'abducted' too, we don't know.
  • Perhaps Amy/Rory meet young Garner at Winter Quay and either of them are the ones that really write the Melody Malone book. Then River stumbles across the fancy bound copy later in her future and uses the vortex manipulator to go back and slip it into the Doctor's pocket. Perhaps it was sent to River with a note to leave it in the Doctor's pocket at a certain time so yes, River had seen the book by the time TATM happens, but she hasn't read it.

Problems with the city that never sleeps:

  • If the angels can only move when no one is looking at them, why choose a city? - so many eyes to see them! They seem to have the ability to send people to specific time and places, why not have the battery farm in the countryside - that way escapees can be more easily caught. There are plenty of people to kidnap from small towns (recall all those empty cars outside the angel mansion in Blink). The angels could also actively go hunting under the cover of darkness instead of waiting for people to show up at their hideout if they need lots of people. Yes, perhaps people 'don't notice as much' when people disappear from the city, but no matter where people disappear from - city or village, it's not like we as humans can really do anything about it.
  • Statue of Liberty
    • Okay, the snarling Statue of Libery scared the crap out of me. And I was too wrapped up in the episode to really care about why no one saw this gigantic statue change location everytime you blinked, but after some on the nitpicking.
    • In the city that never sleeps, you can still have moments when no one it looking at the statue, okay. But, eventually, there is a homeless someone or something. It seems unlikely that no one would notice the huge statue of liberty frozen in the streets of new york...Maybe it engages a perception filter(think prisoner zero) when it wants to move? If people were looking for it out in the water, what must they have thought if it were gone? Well, this isn't a problem for me because I am forever looking for stuff that is right in front of me - I just dont see it. In a similar way, if I were looking at the spot where the statue of liberty should be, but it is gone, I'd just assume I was looking slightly in the wrong spot.
    • Sooooo, the real Statue of Liberty is metal....not stone...and with stairs inside. Can we assume there is the real statue on Ellis Island and the angel statue of liberty roaming the streets wearing a perception filter?

The Angels own an apartment building in Manhattan?

  • Do they have human servants to pay the bills and buy food? Where do they get the money to pay bills and land taxes? Recalling angel Bob, the angel was using a human cerebreal corex to talk but the body was long since 'dead'. Maybe the angels arrange all their business over the phone? Like those people a few years ago that never left their house and did all their grocery shoppnig online?
  • How long have the angels owned this building? And why do their victims have to live in the building forever? Logic: Angels don't have to immediately send you back and back again until you reach the beginning of the building because they're "saving" their batteries for a time when they need them, okay fine. But surely, they would have used up Rory and Garner before they died as old men in 1938 - unless they couldn't send both men any further back because they didn't own the battery farm building any further in the past.
  • To me, I have to conclude that the angels acquire Winter Quay in the 1890s. Rory lives to 82 years old and is slightly over 30 when he lands in 1938. That means he has about 50 more years in his life. 1938-50=1888. (recall Kathy Nightingale was sent from ~2007 to 1920, about 75 years. She died about 20 years before her disappearance. Why let Rory and Garner see their older selves? Why not send them even further back? other residents in their rooms? nah, I think it is because they couldn't send them any further)
  • I read this at the above blog:
    • I feel that I can explain most of the apparent flaws without have to stretch too hard at all.
    • For instance, people have wondered how the residents of the Winter Quay survive all those years being trapped in the hotel. I don't think this is the correct usage of "trapped". That is, I don't think people are physically barred from leaving the building. Rather, I think they are trapped in a causal loop. Consider the PI in the teaser. I think the older version of the man had returned to the building late in life, hoping to warn himself. But, having now seen his own future, he's locked into it.
    • I also suspect that these people may feel compelled to remain in the loop. Consider Rory. He had no reason to go inside that building after the cherubs sent him there from Grayle's house. Yet he did, and found his way to the room where he was dying.
    • Because the angels were feeding off of their energy and because they were laying in bed, that they didn't have enough energy to leave (i.e. trapped). <- I think this feeding must be different from the feeding on the people from episode Blink.

Can you smash angel statues? It appears that you can't cut them (ala crime boss' angel). What did the Doctor do about that last one in the cemetary?

Rory, WTH?

  • Okay, the angels zapped you to 1938, that sucks, but could happen to anyone. Then baby angels get you, more suck, but you were trapped in the dark, understandable. But then you're standing outside Winter Quay and you just walk inside? Have you never seen a horror movie?!? But sigh, we all make mistakes. Perhaps this is a side effect the angels built into their victims heads.
  • Stopping to examine the gravestone though: ever more stupid! What good would your examination have done? "Oh, look it's rock with my name carved in it." What next? It's not like he would do an exhumation. Sigh.

Amy publishes Melody Malone?

  • Why does Amy "have to be the one" that publishes River's book (River words)?
  • After the Doctor healed River's wrist, she smacks him and walks outside. Amy follows her and they have an exchange: River: "Never let him see the damage. And never ever let him see you age. He doesn't like endings." What was this line really about Steve Moffat? Breaking one's wrist doesn't make you seem old... Nor does letting your husband help you. I don't get how this line was in context with the plot.
    • After hearing the afterword, it made me think that River probably knows about the book somehow - perhaps she was the one to slip it to the Doctor (maybe she was sent the book by a future self and she accidentially read the chapter titles or afterword). If this was the case, River secretly knows that Amy will write the afterword/or that she will say goodbye; whether or not Amy ends up with Rory, she is reminding her to give the Doctor hope, no matter how things turn out.

Amy's Afterword

  • Very touching, made me cry. But let's think about it: We assume that River uses her vortex manipulator to get the text to Amy, but then how does she get the book into the Doctor's jacket for him to find? Amy USPS's it to somewhere for River to pick up? Will the vortex manipulator even work on the weird paradox riddled timeline? Assuming the afterword was really written by Amy, did she really find Rory? Did she really live a long relatively happy life? I suppose the request to visit her younger self was textbook Amy: I hope it was really her.
  • Because we don't actually see Amy and Rory live out their lives, how do we know that they even end up together? Yes, yes, the BBC special 'PS' says that they find each other and adopt a baby boy, but was that an official alternate ending or official Who cannon?
    • What if Amy was sent back further than Rory, and then Rory sees old Amy die at the beginning of his 'time prison'? Explaining why he was so happy to see her again in 1938? Perhaps the afterword was really written by River or Rory with the Amy penname - something nice to give the Doctor hope after such a big loss. Yes, we see femenine hands typing the novel throughout the episode, but it doesn't mean it was River or Amy.
    • Raises the question: how far can angels send someone? Is the time energy released proportional the the length of time sent back? Does it cost the angels more power to send someone further back? I'd say yes. How much control do they really have over where someone goes?

Where did Amy and Rory end up?

  • The angel in the cemetary was a survivor of the paradox poisoned food source. Where did it send Amy and Rory? I think that it would have sent them both to the Winter Quay battery farm in the hopes of more power & avoiding the poisonous paradox. But think back, why did the baby angels zap Rory to the spot outside Winter Quay? Why not inside the building? Because of all the time distortions in th building itself? Then I choose to believe that in Amelia's last farewell, the couple ended up outside the building and then escaped. I assume that the battery farm wasn't restarted because Winter Quay is not a farm in today's time (I hope).
  • Why were Amy and Rory's graves in NY? Why not move back to England? Or anywhere else? I'm sure they went somwhere together between 1890 and 1938...or whenever they acutally died. Why not leave him a note to come get them after the angel incident?
  • Why did the Doctor leave Amy and Rory? Why could never see them again? Why not use the vortex manipulator? Why not go to 1954 New Jersey and catch the train to nyc? from blog above: "Couldn't they send a message via River, go back to the 30's, meet Rory outside New York, and  take him back to his own time?  Then when he was 81 the Doctor could pick him up and take him back." ignoring the fact doctor read "amelia's last farewell......he could still take Rory someplace?
  • I choose to believe that Amy and/or Rory find young Melody on the streets of NY in 1969 and send her to Ledworth, England to become friends of their younger selves. Perhaps they lived in the city because 1. travel was really expensive 2. they wanted to make sure Melody got to where she needed to be. from the blog above: "River seemed awfully excited that Amy let the evil monster zap her back to some unknowable point in the past.". yep, maybe she knows something.
    • Were Amy and Rory Mels' foster parents in Ledworth? Wouldn't that be exciting....

Doctor reading the chapter titles

  • Okay, I HATE the idea that reading something about your future makes it 'set in stone'. What a stupid idea. Didn't the doctor read those internet articles about the Mars base people from episode Waters of Mars? It said they all died on Mars but we know that's not true. (okay, okay, maybe the Doctor didn't read those articles, he heard about them from someone). But I'm sure he's read something in a history book in his 1200 years of life....and then gone and changed it. I need to rewatch episodes and see if he ever read something in his adventures.
  • Why didn't the doctor start at the top of the TOC, cover the bottom, and reveal lines one by one? Once he saw "Roman in the Cellar" he could stop and never have seen "Amelia's Last Farewell"! But yes, heat of the moment, okay, fine.


Some interesting things I read:


  • Why Angels in NYC: angels working to "free" Lady Liberty <- yes, would have been cool story!
  • Super Bowl in summer?
  • What if Amy and Rory become weeping angels?
  • from blog above: Well, seeing the grave created a fixed point in their timeline, which means they know they die in and are buried in New York. The Doctor could visit them any number of ways, but he can never take them on an adventure again, because all of his adventures have risk, and if something happened to one of them, it would cause a very damaging paradox in close proximity to a place that is already temporally unstable. I think the Doctor was as much mourning the fact that Amy actually chose to leave him as the idea that he couldn't see her again. Of course he could find a way around it, but I think seeing him and not being able to do anything exciting with him would be hard on all of them.
  • blog above:

    There are several problems with the fixed timeline idea.

    1) The book is taken as a true account of what happened. But authors can and do lie in books, so this isn't a given.

    2) The only fixed thing at the end of the episode is the existence of the headstone with the names on it. As we see in the episode itself the headstone at first only has Rory's name on it, Amy then goes back in time and her name is suddenly added to it. That already means that Amy has changed the past by her actions. Since the gravestone is the only "evidence" of the fixed point, it would actually be easy to get out of this situation. It only requires someone to extract Amy and Rory from New York at a later date (say 1939) and place a fake headstone in the graveyard. This would solve this issue without causing any form of paradox since the Doctor didn't actually see Amy and Rory die.

    So, I don't buy the "Amy and Rory are lost to me forever" explanation given in the episode and I don't really see any reason why this event is now fixed in time.