Food Expt

Food Items I Love

Smoked Hummus - Sultan Fresh Foods - Loves Whole Foods

Spanish manchego cheese - - Publix

Uncured Beef Pastrami - Niman Ranch - Loves Whole Foods

Prosciutto Piccante - La Quercia -

Smoked Mozzerella - Smoky Park - Publix

TortillaLand raw flour tortillias - - Walmart, Fred Meyers Fairbanks

Tortilla Chips - Juanitas - Fred Meyers Fairbanks,

blueberry muffin: 10/10
peanut butter & jelly: 9/10. needs more jelly
carrot cake: 9/10. smells exactly like carrot cake, very sweet. mine had shells of nuts bleh.

chocolate chip brownie: 5/10. too sweet
peanut butter banana: 1/10. edible but not super banana nor peanut butter.
Chocolate fudge with crushed peppermint
Caramel sea salt brownies

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