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Versace Bright Crystal
 lovely, light, feminine
 Versace Vanitas
 Versace Eros
 light mens deodorant with a kind of rose/flowery undertone. Not horrible but I wouldn't pay for it.
 Marc Jacobs Decadence
 smells like a high end bag would when you get it from a department store. Not horrible, but not for me.
 Etat Libre D'orange (remarkable people)
 a bit like a cleanser, light citrus & spice.
 Pacifica Tuscan Blood Orange
 nice orange, hard time finding a type with staying power

Blushie Scents (from the Blushie etsy store)

My rankings [lots of ties]
 yay or nay?
dust after rain, true rose, gardenia, lavender, pear blossom
  dust after rain-subtle,love it!
 blackberry sage, oncoming storm, green tea
 pink watermelon
a little too sweet for normal wear
 seaberry, plumeria, hibiscus blossom passion
These are okay but I will be giving them away to friends who will appreciate them
  plumeria & hibiscus are chemically cherry

Bhakti iced chai with toasted coconut almond milk - don't buy! tastes watered down which is strange for something with a 'milk'. the ginger juice added is a good aftertaste but on top of 'water', nah.